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The Middle East Council of American Chambers of Commerce (MECACC) has established itself as the voice of American business in the vital Persian Gulf. An affiliate of the United States Chamber of Commerce, MECACC is comprised of nine American Chambers of Commerce (AmChams) operating in the region.

MECACC represents more than 950 U.S. companies doing business in the Gulf, where it fosters American business interests and actively encourages United States Government policies that promote America’s commercial interests in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). 

In the six nations of the GCC – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Iraq – American businessmen and businesswomen are promoting U.S. exports in the face of intense international competition. Largely as a result of their work and the special friendship that the United States shares with the GCC nations, United States sales of Goods and services have totaled more than $20 billion annually. This creates or sustains more than half a million U.S. jobs.

While some of its individual member associations have existed since the 1970s, MECACC was officially established in 1989. Since its inception, this voluntary, nonpartisan, and nonprofit organization has actively fostered improved economic relations between the United States and GCC countries through trade and investment, as well as cross cultural exchanges and mutual understanding. MECACC is widely recognized for its contributions in these areas, both in the United States and the Gulf and it continues to play an instrumental role in building economic, political and cultural bridges between the two regions. 

Together with its member AmChams, MECACC has also worked hard to assist United States companies competing for a share of the region’s lucrative export market. Many of America’s competitors have developed sophisticated export strategies which provide strong, direct government support for their citizens and companies in overseas markets. MECACC, working closely with the United States Government, is committed to “leveling the playing field” for American companies in order to go head to head with global competition. 

Americans in the Gulf represent all walks of life – educators, technicians, chief executives, service professionals, government officials, homemakers, investment bankers, consultants, attorneys, students, accountants, engineers and many more. Americans have established strong ties with their Arab counterparts in the GCC, with whom they share ideals such as family values, community service, the pursuit of knowledge, free enterprise and patriotism. Like other United States citizens around the globe, the American community in the Gulf reinforces a positive image of the United States and proudly defends America’s national interests overseas.



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